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Leitung Pradas Resort
Gérard Carigiet

Fausta Piuniera - 150 years of tourism in Brigels

150 years of tourism in Breil/Brigels: In May 1873, Fausta Capaul - only 26 years old - published an advertisement for her newly opened inn and thus launched summer tourism in Breil/Brigels.

The homage, which was spread throughout 2023, made it possible to get closer to the person Fausta Capaul, her time and the beginnings of tourism in Brigels. The highlight in July/August was the scenic and musical open-air performance in the garden in front of Casa Fausta Capaul. The final event concluded the anniversary year and took a look into the future of the Breil/Brigels tourist destination. The food for thought and ideas will flow into the future planning of the destination.

The Pradas Resort only opened in December 2015. As the driving force and important pillar of today's tourism in Brigels and Surselva, the Pradas Resort supported the anniversary activities as a sponsor. We take our hats off to Fausta Capaul and congratulate everyone involved in the anniversary for the successful and dignified program.