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Massages at Pradas Resort

New four days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) at Pradas Resort. For women and men.
Please contact reception early to make an appointment:

+41 81 920 14 00

Rücken Massage im Pradas Resort

Classic massage

Back and neck 25 min. CHF 60.-
Full body 50 min. CHF 105.-

Loosens connective tissue and muscles and promotes circulation. It also relieves tension and stimulates the circulation.

Fußreflexzonenmassage im Pradas Resort

Foot reflexology massage

40 min. CHF 80.-

The foot reflex zone massage enables targeted action on organs, glands and body structures by stimulating corresponding reference points on the foot. This massage technique causes deep relaxation and stimulates blood circulation throughout the body.

Rückenmassage im Pradas Resort

Back/neck combined with foot reflexology massage

50 min. CHF 105.-

By targeting the reflex zones on the foot, the energy flow of the meridians is stimulated. This continues to work while the back is massaged.

Abhyanga Massage


80 min. CHF 150.-

Ayurvedic full body massage, also called king massage. The body receives a deep cleansing and soothing relaxation through the valuable warm oil. The skin texture is improved, resistance is increased, the immune system is strengthened and exhaustion and insomnia are alleviated.

Kräuterstempel Massage

Herbal stamp massage

80 min. CHF 150.-

Enjoy a massage with aromatic herbs and high-quality oils. This ritual of scents, warmth and massage guarantees deep relaxation, especially in tense areas. I use natural herbs for the herbal stamp massage. The herbal sachets are heated in steam. The essential oils dissolve from the herbs and flowers and enrich the warm oil. The pleasantly warm herbal stamps are now used to massage the whole body along the energy pathways. The warmth of the stamps opens the pores of the skin during the massage. The active ingredients of the essences dissolved in the oil penetrate deep into the skin tissue and thus unfold their effect.

Frau bei Massage

Hot Stone Massage

80 min. CHF 150.-

The hot stone massage is an extremely relaxing massage technique, which is carried out with warm lava stones. The warmth of the stones softens stubborn tensions and hardening of the muscle and thus muscle depressions can also be released during the full-body massage.