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Dining & Shopping in Brigels

For big and small gourmets

The proximity to the village allows you to easily discover the restaurants, shops and direct sellers on foot from the Pradas Resort.

La Famusa Restaurant

Located right next to the pradas resort. Sun terrace outside with stunning mountain views, inside a cosy mountain hut atmosphere.

Now available: 
Feel-good days including surprise dinner | Week-Special incl. 2x dinner at Famusa Restaurant


Pizzeria Frisal - by Stefano

Pizzeria & Take-Away Frisal by Stefano in the village of Brigels. Just a 6 minute walk from the Pradas Resort.


Other restaurants in Brigels village

The following restaurants are within walking distance:


La Val




Take-Away Brigels

The following restaurants are within walking distance:

Frisal - Pizzeria

Café Dultschin - bakery-confectionery


Vincenz - Pizzeria

Lounges/bars in Brigels

The following bars/lounges are within walking distance.


La Pipa Mulin

Grocery stores in the village of Brigels

The small village shops in Brigels offer you an exciting variety of flavours.

Volg Brigels village

Bakery-confectionery Gabriel, Brigels

butcher's & vine Shop schmed, brigels

dairy Brigels

Breil Pur - Organic Swiss Gin Also available at the butcher's shop in Brigels

Direct sellers – farm shops

Small farmer's shot at the reception

Weaving loom Studio

Free delivery to the Pradas Resort: Whether organic eggs, farm ice cream, meat and other specialities directly from farms. Please note the additional information on the overview.



Pradas Resort delivery service

These providers deliver directly to the Pradas Resort's reception:




Equipment Rentals

Directly in or by the Pradas Resort, with a top selection of winter sports rental and purchase items as well as clothing:

Pradas Sport at Pradas Resort

Sport Beat