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Brigels in summer

The Pradas Resort is ideally located for hikes, mountain bike tours, or a round of golf on the Brigels panoramic golf course. The children's playground, the tennis courts, and the minigolf course are right next to the resort.

Other sports and leisure activities in summer:

Swimming lake at the heart of the resort

Summer and autumn operation of the Brigels chairlift

Panoramic hikes with beautiful views (e.g. Val Frisal high mountain valley, quaint Biferten huts with box outbuildings, waterfalls on Panixer lake with the Suvorov Monument, Castle Lords & Witches in Waltensburg)

Culinary hiking experiences: from village to village, over rough and smooth

Guided hikes and excursions: e.g., Per gassas e streglias – learning Romansh on an ongoing basis, roaring deer and game specialities

Mystery trails and theme trails: Mobile Safari – a modern scavenger hunt through the village with smartphones, Mission wUHUuu! - Euli Trail – find the secret hiding places, detective fun Brigels village

Geocaching: City cache Brigelswoodland trail

Attractive bike and mountain bike tours – a large network of e-bike charging stations

River rafting through the Rhine Gorge – can also be booked as a family tour

Helicopter sightseeing flights Rhine Gorge, glacier – an exclusive gift idea