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Riverrafting Swiss Grand Canyon

  11.05.2020 - 11.10.2020

Spectacular landscapes and unforgettable experiences.

What a fantastic view! The white cliffs fall dramatically into the depths, as the Rhine impetuously looks for its way to the sea. Mysterious lakes, rugged ravines, islands, floodplain forests, and birds everywhere you look make this area one of the most spectacular landscapes for excursions in the Swiss Alps.

A one-of-a-kind, incomparably way to experience the Swiss Grand Canyon is on an inflatable boat on the Rhine.

Swiss River Adventures has been offering rafting, canyoning, and white-water adventures across Switzerland for many years. Safety is the top priority at Swiss River Adventures. The following tours are very popular in the Swiss Grand Canyon:

1) Two-hour family rafting adventure through the Rhine Gorge (external link) each Wednesday afternoon. Sample price for a family of three: CHF 185.00
2) Half-day tour (3.5 hours) CHF 115.00 per person (external link)
3) A rafting day trip , 5.5 hours with barbeque CHF 165.00 per person (external link)

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